A man walked into a Boston pub.  He was a Bostonian, and of course, a Red Sox fan.  To his consternation, a guy wearing, of all things, a New York Yankees cap caught his eye.  A New York Yankees cap here in Boston was unthinkable.  Disgusted, the man shouted, “Drinks for everyone here, bartender! Except for Mr. Yankees! ”

Instead of being sorry, as the Red Sox fan had expected, the Yankees fan smiled and said, “Thank you!”

Infuriated more, the Red Sox fan ordered another round of drinks for everyone except Mr. Yankees, who, again, thanked the man.

After repeating this several times, the Red Sox fan decided that the New York Yankees fan was nuts, and mentioned it to the bartender.  Contrary to his expectations, the bartender said that he was not nuts, but he owned the pub.

The bartender had seen the development like this many times before.  Like the one he just observed, every time the Red Sox fan got frustrated and ordered a round, the bartender envisioned the money flowing into the owner’s pocket, a part of which would eventually come into his.  Knowing all that, he was coolly observing the incident..